Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXS2 Review

Anybody looking for a top quality CDJ should consider this model from the DJ industry heavy-hitter Pioneer brand. The new 2000NXS2 combines all of the best features that laptop DJs love in their DJ software with all of the finest features that standalone CDJs have had to create a CDJ of the finest possible quality. Using the latest technology including a touchscreen with a QWERTY keyboard, and many other stunning features, this is simply one of the best CDJ options available for professional DJs.

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In this Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXS2 review, we will break down all of the important features and qualities that make this one of the best CDJs for professional DJs. If you have the extra money to invest in a high-quality CDJ like this, you will instantly transform your ability to DJ at a top level when combined with the fabulous features that are simply not as high-quality on less expensive products.

Professional Grade CDJ

This CDJ is great for clubs or venues that want to have the finest equipment available for their resident DJs or guest DJs. Any DJ who is familiar with the industry and performing professionally will simply have to plug in their set that they prepared using Rekordbox DJ software and they will be set to go.

This is also an excellent DJ for professional DJs who have the extra money to invest in their own equipment. We all know that Pioneer isn’t the most affordable option for CDJs. However, we also know that Pioneer is the industry standard which all DJs are comfortable using and confident in their reliability.

Included High-Quality Sound Card

One of the most important parts of any DJ setup is the audio interface (or sound card). These are typically one of the most expensive parts of your setup if you purchase the right one. One thing about this CDJ that is especially nice is that you won’t need to purchase a separate sound card.

Since this device comes with a sound card that outputs 24-bit/96kHz sound and emits the frequencies between 4 – 40,000 Hz, there are few sound cards with a higher quality. If you want to purchase a CDJ which gives you an amazing sound quality and eliminates the need for a separate audio interface, the 2000NXS2 is a great option.

Works Great with Rekordbox DJ

Any professional DJ who travels around from venue to venue is likely already familiar with Rekordbox DJ at this point. What is nice about Rekordbox is that it allows you to save time that you would otherwise spend during your live settings setting cue points, picking songs, adjusting settings, and so on.

Since the 2000NXS2 works flawlessly with Rekordbox DJ, anybody who hasn’t even used one of these CDJs before will easily be able to plug in their USB or external hard drive and instantly begin mixing as they would with a more familiar setup. Best of all, any of the settings that you prepare using Rekordbox beforehand will instantly transfer over to the 2000NXS2 when you plug in your drive.

Full-Color LCD Touch Screen with QWERTY Keyboard

One feature which really stands out about this device is the LCD screen. Typically, a CDJ that comes with a screen might display the waveforms, help you see your cue points, pick songs, and so on. However, this LCD screen is also a touchscreen and even allows you to use a QWERTY keyboard. It is almost like having a miniature tablet at your service to help you search for songs at the last second.

The screen can also help you visualize and set up your loops, filter through tracks using criteria that you choose, see the tempo of the track, and other basic track information. When you consider the possibilities of what this screen is capable of, many DJs will likely choose not to use a laptop during their live sets altogether.

Excellent Platter Control

The platter of this CDJ works very similar to other models which you know and love from Pioneer. In the middle, the lights will indicate which position the platter is located to assist with the slip and vinyl modes. The platter is extremely responsive to touch but isn’t motorized. Next to the platter, there are controls which allow you to switch it to reverse slip mode if you want. If you would rather not use slip mode, it can also function in normal reverse, and of course, forward mode.

Easy Cue Point Jumping

Cue points are one of the most important features that every professional DJ will use. Many CDJs might simply have one or two cue buttons and the large cue button that essentially all CDJs have. This is what lures many DJs to use laptop software which allows for many more cues, or separate drum pad products which allow you to add in more cue points with large drum pad buttons to play your cues at perfect timing.

Since this product has four cue drum pads which can easily turn into 8 by using the below “BANK” buttons, you are left with 8 different cue points right from the convenience of your CDJ. This allows you to instantly switch over to 8 different parts of a track instantly without the need for a separate controller.

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Other Noteworthy Features

This CDJ comes out with the popular “In” and “Out” buttons which are used for constructing loops on the fly. There are also several other buttons which will allow you to fine-tune your loops to perfection. Once activated, loops are very easily adjusted and then deactivated. There are also knobs which allow you to adjust the vinyl speed and the tempo of the track.

Multiple Means of Connectivity

If you like to use timecode turntables, a laptop, or other controllers which have a LAN connection, this device will perfectly suit your needs. Many DJs will use this to link to a second 2000NXS2 CDJ, for example. It can also connect with up to four different devices.

You could also plug in separate effects units, drum pads, and of course, your mixer using the RCA plugins. If you do not have a LAN connection on a certain component, you can also link it using the USB port shown here.

MIDI or Standalone Capability

Although this CDJ functions very similarly to DJ software without the need for a laptop or software, it can regardless connect with all popular DJ software platforms. As a result, this device is flawlessly be used both as a standalone with a mixer and PA system or as a MIDI controller combined with a laptop.

CDs, USB, SD Card, DJ Software, and Even DVD Playability

Once you have your tracks prepared using Rekordbox DJ, or simply saved as files, they are very easily used by this CDJ. If you would prefer, you can also use CDs, SD cards, a laptop equipped with DJ software, and even DVDs. This gives you plenty of different means to play your music from one CDJ. Since it supports most popular formats of music, there are few music files which will properly work with this device.

Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXS2 Review: Summary

Due to its wide array of features, premium responsive controls, and a touchscreen which functions nearly the same as DJ software, many DJs will choose this CDJ as a means to finally stop using their laptop. However, this isn’t to say that you need to use this CDJ as a standalone device since it also flawlessly works as a MIDI controller.

This is also a great CDJ for venues who want to provide their DJs with the best CDJ for DJs. Since it works flawlessly with Rekordbox DJ, all a guest DJ will need is their music files and they will be set to perform without even using the device before. If you want the best CDJ for club or personal use, make this one of your top options.

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