Pioneer XDJ-RX Review

The Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ RX DJ system is an innovative all-in-one DJ system which DJs can use to have professional quality mixes without using a laptop. If you are a DJ who wants to purchase a top-quality DJ system made by one of the DJ industry’s top-quality brands, this 2-channel DJ system is a great option for any professional DJ to consider. Working alongside with Rekordbox, a software which is great for preparing your mixes on USB drives, this is one of the best standalone DJ systems to consider.

Great for DJs of all Skill Levels

Since many of the world’s top clubs will use Pioneer CDJs, using the Pioneer brand is always a great thing to do if you want to be able to plug-and-play at top venues around the globe. The nice thing about this DJ system is that it is more affordable than just one top-quality Pioneer CDJ and includes two-channels and a mixer. This will allow beginners and professionals alike to perform on industry equipment and still having the potential for performing as a guest without worrying about carrying in your own equipment.

Easy Transition Over to Club Use

Since venues will often have CDJs at their disposal, many DJs who are used to using DJ software like Serato or Traktor with their laptop to perform their sets often have a difficult transition over to using standalone systems that a club will typically use. Since this device functions best using USB drive files prepared with Rekordbox, you won’t have too much of a difference if you ever need to use expensive CDJs that are outside of your budget.

Works Great With Rekordbox Software

Pioneer realizes why DJs like using DJ software. It helps you to match your keys, prepare cue points, find songs with similar BPMs, and so on. After all, having all of your tracks together on software and easily pulling them up is what DJs love to do. However, there is a certain point that most DJs experience in their career where they realize that they need to spend more time mixing and mashing songs rather than preparing your files. This is where Rekordbox comes in. With Rekordbox, you can easily perform all the previously-mentioned functions beforehand and leave plenty of time for mixing, scratching, looping, sampling, and so on.

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All-in-One Two-Channel Standalone System with MIDI Compatibility

In one connected DJ system, this device takes on many of the popular features that DJs look for in creating high-quality mixes on the go. Although there are only two channels, many DJs find this number suitable since four can be difficult to manage. If this is not an issue, you will love this system as a standalone.

However, if you would prefer to use this controller as a MIDI controller and unlock the ability to create four channels, it also works perfectly as a MIDI controller with most popular DJ software. Both Traktor and Virtual DJ, for example, already have all of the buttons and controls mapped out so that you can easily plug in this system and use it with their software.

High-Resolution Screen

Using the high-resolution screen, you can visualize the waveforms of your music files that you plug into the device using one of the USB ports. When prepared using Rekordbox, each of the files are very easy to work with and provide the instant control that you would expect when you use DJ software and a laptop.

When you use this device as a standalone along with Rekordbox, there is little difference between what you can control using the screen’s controls and what you can control in MIDI mode. As a result, many DJs who prefer to not use a laptop will simply use it as a standalone.

High-Quality Decks

The Platter

Each deck of this device has most of the best features you can find in any top-quality CDJ. The platter can be easily switched between job mode or vinyl mode, allowing you to either use the platter as a vinyl turntable for scratching or to temporarily adjust the tempo. Slip mode is great to use during transitions, or anytime where you are slightly offbeat and need a quick correction. One feature which is particularly nice about the platter is that you can visualize how it would be running if it were a motorized turntable using the LED lights in the middle. This will help you beat match, beat juggle, and keep an accurate gauge on the location you move from as you are using the plater for scratching.

Drum Pads

The drum pads that are located on each of the two decks can be used either for looping, cueing, or sampling. Cueing can either be done with these drum pads or by using the big cue button on the lower left-hand side of the deck or the cue/loop buttons on the upper middle. When you set up the hot cues in Rekordbox prior to going out to perform, cueing and looping will be a breeze. Sampling, on the other hand, will best be set up using computer software and converting the controller to a MIDI controller.

Of course, there are always ways around this, such as purchasing an additional sampler and using it along with this controller both as standalone devices. The easiest function with these drum pads is looping since it is what was focused most on during the designing of this controller. There are also additional buttons which can be used to assist in looping on the top left of each deck.

Other Features on the Decks

In addition to being able to cue, loop, and sample, you can also adjust the tempo, reverse the track playback, automatically sync the tempo of two individual tracks, search through the tracks on your USB drives, control the microphone gain and EQ (only on the left deck), and control the booth and master volume separately (only on the right deck). Each deck is equipped with a separate USB thumb drive, where you will plug in your music files and pull them up at will.

Mixer with Precision FX Control and Customizable Crossfader

Although the look of this mixer may be a little intimidating to a beginner not too savvy with mixers which don’t offer the basic, two-channel with two sets of EQ controls, it is easy to understand all of the features installed here rather easily. In addition to the many basic features included in basically every professional DJ mixer since the dawn of DJing is the FX and Sound Color FX.

The difference between these Sound Color FX and normal FX is that the intensity of the Sound Color FX can be easily adjusted using the Color knob which is right above the channel gains. The other more traditional FX such as Echo, Reverb, Delay, and so on, are controlled simply by activating them and then using the Level/Depth knob on the bottom right-hand side.

The crossfader of this device has two standard settings which are cut and smooth. The smooth feature allows the song to gradually move from one to another. This is great for slow transitions which take up a longer period of time. Next, there is the cut feature which is great for quick transitions or to scratch with. There is also a third THRU setting which can be adjusted using the preferences of the device.

Back of the Device

When plugging in the device, all you will need to do is use RCA or XLR cables to output the master audio of your mix over to your PA system, using your audio interface, amplifier, or whichever component you have in your setup. There are also different inputs on this device for each channel to plug in separate components, a booth output for connecting to the DJ booth or separate monitor speakers, and space for plugging in a microphone using either a 1/4” cable or XLR cable. Of course, you will also need to plug in the power cable to be able to turn on the device.

Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ RX DJ System Summary

This is a great all-in-one DJ system which functions either as a MIDI controller or standalone device. When used along with Rekordbox, the high-resolution screen will take away the need for DJ software of any sort, and will make it work great without a laptop. If you are looking for a great DJ system which functions as a standalone and will help you quickly move over from practice and mobile work over to the popular venues or clubs where they have their own CDJs, this is a great option to consider.

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